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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

Rights of use:
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Thanks for for hosting the Guide for awesomeness

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Approximate time to 200: 8-10 Hours.
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable: 2 - Modal, Arms Dealer- chapters cannot be replayed so these are very missable (the Bully, Kingpin and Turret Expertachievements can also be missed but you'll get plenty of chances to go for them).
-Glitched Achievements: No
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No (not difficulty options)

Star Raiders is a space-based shooter, somewhat like Freelancer, Elite or Darkstar One, but without the trading aspects. It was released on 11/05/2011 for 800M$P (a bit pricey if we're being honest) and is a very maxable title. Albeit a very, very average one.

Plan of Attack
Star Raiders is a very easy 200 and the majority of achievements in the game are story-based and not missable.

Pilot, Warrior, Commander and Star Commander are awarded for rank progression as you go through the story and are not missable. You'll also nab a tidy 50 and the Star Raider! achievement for completing the game (note: you'll get that achievement after beating mission 10A even if 10C is still uncompleted).

Zylon Collector Master and Zylon Collector Legend are awarded for shooting down 50 and 100 Zylon Fighters (the small attack ships that have a triangle lock-on indicator) respectively. These can't really be missed either. Turret Expert is awarded for shooting 30 Zylon Fighters in your turret form (press LB twice in game to transform into it, it's the rapid firing, slow moving form). Note: for all these achvs primary (RT) or secondary (LT) weapons are fine.

Bully and Kingpin are missable to some degree but you'll get plenty of chances to win them. Bully requires that you destroy a Zylon Frigate without destroying its weapons. This is easy, you're pretty durable and get infinite respawns anyway. Target the green 'generators' (the little green cylinders that pop in and out of the Frigate). Don't shoot anything else. The achv pops as soon as the Frigate is destroyed. Kingpin works exactly the same but with Zylon Cruisers instead.

Modal and Arms Dealer are both very missable and will require a second playthrough if that happens. Check the guide below but bear in mind that you want to score a kill with all three of your ship's transformation modes (press LB to transform) on every story level (story levels are the 1A, 2A etc ones). Also make sure that you milk every level for salvage credits. Shoot the little gold asteroids, shoot the fuel cells on level 7A and kill any Zylon ships (all types) whenever possible. Especially if they aren't a mission requirement.

An easy but slightly tedious 200 (especially if you miss an achievement like I did) but not an awful game. Darkstar One is a better option if you like a slow-paced adventure in space and Aces of the Galaxy if you want better combat. That said, it's an easy max and that's what it's all about.


A t-shirt (male and female versions) is awarded for getting the Pilot achievement.

__________________ - 1000 points, lovely.
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