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im having problems with poker

any tips and or tricks to getting the poker chevos i'm trying to get the very first one and cant seem to get more than a head leg leg or head hand hand i cant seem to get just head hand and leg im trying to do it at the very first time you are shown the ninja ninjas poker thing in the town i would be fine if the Fing blue or red ninja would F off but he keeps running up to me well im trying to down one of the ninjas so it ruins my focus mode and the gun dudes dont help much lol not like there hard but there just a bit tedious. is there a simple way to make sure you cut the hand leg and head i just use the x button slash to get the legs i find sweeping there legs than cutting them with y over there legs work but im not sure on a good hand methood and i cant seem to get away for enough time to do all three i can only imagine how hard the rest of these are going to be seeing this is only the first one
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