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Street Crimes Location and Time Guide

Street Crime Guide

Use this list find the time and location of any street crimes you many have missed. There are 40 total.

Frequently Asked Questions and Special Notes:

Once the story is completed, can I still complete the street crimes?
Yes, go to free roam under the selected desk.

Is there a certain way I am supposed to complete street crimes? Example. (shooting instead of cuffing or cuffing instead of shooting)?
As far as I know if you are able to tackle you're gun won't be out, if you're gun is out you won't be to tackle. So unless someone can confirm differently, I think there is only one way to complete each street crime.

Back Tracking Story Street Crimes?
It looks like you can back track story crimes during story once you get promoted. Otherwise there is a spot under (cases in the main menu--> specific detective title) that you can free roam under the specified title.

Time of Day change?
When your in free roam the time of day does change. You can make sure you get the time of day you need for whichever street crime.

How do you know which ones you have completed?
The ones you've completed show up as grey on the map and the ones you havent will be red. free roam shows all available street crimes at that time frame where as in-story only shows when your in the vicinity.
Thanks to: fresh fish 101

Also, when you enter Free Roam, it will tell you if you have completed all Street Crimes from that desk in the upper left corner.
Thanks to: BanditBanks

Street Crime Quick Location.
I've noticed when you do all street crimes at your current time, exit Free Roam and re-enter. It always put me at correct time for another street crime.
Thanks to: BanditBanks

Achievements obtained with this guide:
- A cop on Every Corner
- Johnny on the Spot
- The Long Arm of the Law

Street Crime Unlock Guide:
Drivers seat unlocks: 1-10
The Consul's Car unlocks (PS3-US only): 11
A Marriage Made in Heaven unlocks: 12
The Red Lipstick Murder unlocks: 13-20
The Silk Stocking Murder unlocks: 21
The Studio Secretary Murder unlocks: 22 and 23
The Quarter Moons Murders unlocks: 24 and 25
The Black Caesar unlocks: 26-30
The Setup unlocks: 31-33
Manifest Destiny unlocks: 34 and 35
The Gas Man unlocks: 36-39
A Walk in Elysian Fields unlocks: 40

Traffic Street Crimes:

1. Boxing Clever
Time Available: 21:00-4:00
Location: 267 South Main Street at Goldberg's Drug Store in Central L.A.

2. Cosmic Rays
Time Available: 21:00-4:00
Location: Alaco Gas station at 7th and Flower

3. Masked Gunman
Time Available: 21:00-4:00
Location: 6th and Ceres

4. Shoo-Shoo Bandits
Time Available: 21:00-4:00
Location: Angel's Flight Railway, 3rd and Hill Street

5. Gang Fight
Time Available: 21:00-4:00
Location: alley way of 1624 west 3rd street

6. Amateur Hour
Time Available: 20:00-4:00
Location: Sillman's Jewelry Store at 829 South Olive

7. Death From Above
Time Available: 20:00-4:00
Location: Shatto and Velencia

8. Theater Robbery
Time Available: 19:15-21:00
Location: 933 South Broadway at the United Artist Theatre

9. Pawnshop Holdup
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: Globe Loan and Jewelery at 333 South Main Street

10. Hotel Bandits
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: 437 8th street at the Bristol Hotel

11. Army Surplus
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: 540 West 9th Street at Uncle Sam's Army Surplus

12. Hung Out to Dry
Time Available: 20:00-4:00
Location: 536 South Figueora at Hoelcher's Textile's

Homicide Street Crimes:

13. Vengeful Ex
Time Available: 8:30-18:00
Location: Olvera Street Plaza

14. Death Plunge
Time Available: 8:30-18:00
Location: Methodist at 8th and Hope

15. Canned Fish
Time Available: 19:00-19:30
Location: 111 South Alameda

16. Would be Robber
Time Available: 8:30-18:00
Location: On Grand between 4th and 5th

17. Running Battle
Time Available: 8:00-19:00
Location: 391 Broadway, Mallory's Cafe

18. Bank Job
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: Bank of America, 7th and Olive

19. Unsuccessful Holdup
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: 410 South Flower Street

20. Cop Killer Shot
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: 6th and Lindley Place

21. Honey Boy
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: 313 bunker Hill Ave.

22. Misunderstandings
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: Intersection of Union and Rockwood Street

23. Thicker than Water
Time Available: 7:00-19:00
Location: The vicinity of the trolley station on Lucas Avenue, Between Court and Colton

24. Killer Bandits
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: 943 South Broadway at Levine's Liquor Store

25. Bowling Lane Robbery
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: 9th and Grand at Rawlings Bowling Alley

Vice Street Crimes:

26. Commies
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: Corner of Hollywood and Highland at Hollywood First National Bank

27. Fatal Plunge
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: Corner of Central Ave and 7th

28. Against the Odds
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: Sunset and Ivar

29. Daylight Robbery
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: Westlake Pest Control at 3rd and Union

30. The Blue Line
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: 1825 North Highland Ave

31. Zoot Suit Riot
Time Available: 19:00-7:00
Location: 539 South Los Angeles St at the Valor Tobacco Comapany

32. The Badger Game
Time Available: 19:00-7:00
Location: 3155 West Forth Street

33. Camera Obscura
Time Available: 19:00-7:00
Location: On a trolley car on Fountain Ave (Near Fountain and Bronson)

34. Street Keepers
Time Available: 8:30-17:40
Location: Southern California Auto Club at 6201 Santa Monica Bvld.

35. Bad Date
Time Available: 21:00-5:00
Location: Alleyway at Union and 7th

Arson Street Crimes:

36. Accident Prone
Time Available: 19:00-7:00
Location: Intersection of 6th and Alvarado

37. Paper Sack Holdup
Time Available: 19:00-7:00
Location: Bank of Arcadia at 253 Main Street

38. Cafe Holdup
Time Available: 8:00-18:00
Location: Boos Cafe at 522 South Hillstreet

39. Bus Stop Shooting
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: Greyhound Bus Station at Beverly and Union

40. Hot Property
Time Available: 8:00-16:00
Location: 38 North Catalina

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