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L.A. Noire Case Guide

WORK IN PROGRESS: CURRENT CASES DONE 1-16 (UPDATED 1/16/11) Will continue to update when getting the chance. Sorry for delay.


This guide is to aim you to all the right clues and question solutions to complete every case with a 5 Star ranking. You should also get all newspapers as well. It will track when you should get achievements when appropriate. You will have to avoid car damage and and city damage to actually get the 5 stars.


Patrol Cases (Cases 1-4)

(Note: You cannot get any achievements during the Patrol Cases except for the one related to completing them. You also do not get ranked on them as far as stars go)

Case 1: Upon Reflection

Newspapers: 1
Clues: 4
Interview Questions: 0

Location: Alleyway Crime Scene

Newspaper 1/13:

Soon after taking over your character at the first scene, your partner will stop at some bottles. To the left of those bottles is a newspaper. This is the first of 13 total newspapers you must find to gain the achievement "News Clues".

Clue 1: Bloodstain

This is literally pointed out for you by the game. Just some splattered blood on a door.

Clue 2: Smith & Wesson Revolver

Now look up left of the door and examine the window up there which has a reflection of a gun. Continue around and climb up the pipe. The gun is on the left side of the roof. Investigate for the serial number and name. Examine further to find that two rounds have been fired.

Location: Gun Store

Clue 3: Gun Store Ledger

Drive to the Gun Store (mark it on your map). This is an automatic clue given to you by the game. Point your finger on the second page and to Errol Shroeder.

Location: Errol Schroeder's Apartment

Clue 4: Schroeder's Notebook

Go into the apartment building and investigate the mailboxes. Now go knock on the door and after some talking you will be in a brawl. After winning, go to the open dresser drawer and investigate. Press once to turn the page to get the final clue.

Case 2: Armed and Dangerous

Newspapers: 0
Clues: 0
Interview Questions: 0

This is an introduction to a shootout. Kill the enemies to end this quick and easy case.

Case 3: Warrants Outstanding

Newspapers: 0
Clues: 0
Interview Questions: 0

Another easy one, just chase the suspect. At the end you will lose site as the guy runs around the corner. Slow down and just walk so he does not close line you. To make this fight extra easy, just hold and press and throw him off the roof.

Case 4: Buyer Beware

Newspapers: 0
Clues: 7
Interview Questions: 5

Location: Initial Crime Scene (Nunn Bush Shoes)

Clue 1/7: Shooting

This is automatic.

Clue 2/7: Layaway Voucher

Examine the body before you at the crime scene. Point your hand on the bottom right and press to pull out the clue. Scroll down to read the whole thing.

Clue 3/7: .32 Shell Casings

You'll see your partner kneeled down near the body. It's diagonal from the victim's neck (right side) near the curb.

Clue 4/7: FN Browning handgun

Go to the nearby trash can and grab the gun from it. Remember to turn it until you read the info.

Interview Witness: Girl In Shoe Store (Clovis Galletta) - 3 Questions

There is a man in an orange shirt. Your partner mentions him. Talk to him. He tells you where to go next.

Question 1: Eyewitness Account
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Layaway Voucher

Question 2: Possible Murder Suspect
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Clue 5/7: Suspect Positively Identified

Question 3: Details of Shooting
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Clue 6/7: Possible Religious Motive

Location: Eagleson's Gun Store

Clue 7/7: Murder Weapon Serviced

Talk to the owner.

Location: Hartfield's Jewelry

Talk to the man. Pursue him on foot. When the game tells you, aim at the fleeing suspect until the meter fills up and you shoot a warning shot. You can do this easily after he opens the red door.

Location: Police Station

Interview Suspect: Edgar Kalou - 2 Questions

Question 4: Argument With Cage
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Suspect Positively Identified

Question 5: Possible Religious Motive
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Achievement Unlocked: Police Academy

Complete all cases on the Patrol desk.
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