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Traffic Cases

(Note: You will now be able to do Street Crimes. They will show up randomly while you drive. The first one will come soon so accept it and get your A Cop On Every Corner achievement)

Case 5: The Driver's Seat

Newspapers: 1
Clues: 14
Interview Questions: 12

Location: P.E. Freight Depot

Clue 1/14: Abandond Vehicle

You will get this automatically.

Clue 2/14: Blood Splashes

Examine the inside of the car for the first clue and an achievement.

Achievement Unlocked: One for the File

Clue 3/14: Receipt for a Live Hog

Open the trunk and on the left is a piece of paper. Pick it up for the clue.

Clue 4/14: Glasses
Clue 5/14: Wallet

You'll see a little yellow sign on the ground with the letter "A" on it. This is evidence. Go to it and look down. First, pick up the wallet on the left. Examine the license in the wallet on the left and the picture on the right. Now pick up the glasses and hold on the analogue until it shows writing on the left part of the frame.

Clue 6/15: Bloody Pipe

Now more towards the fence you'll see the "B" sign. Go there and pick up the pipe. Read the brand name.

Interview Witness: Nate Wilkey - 4 Questions

Question 1: Purpose at Scene
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Knowledge of Adrian Black
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 3: Contents of Wallet
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 4: Bloodstained Pipe Found
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Location: Black Residence

Go to the house and speak with Mrs. Black. Afterwards, it's time to find a bunch of clues.

Clue 7/16: Train Ticket

Go into Adrian's Bedroom. This is the room with the basket on the bed. In the closet next to the suitcase is a ticket to Seattle.

Clue 8/15: Glasses Case

In Adrian's Bedroom, look on the dresser. To the right of the picture frame is a glasses case. Investiage further to read inside.

Clue 9/15: Concealed Message

Now investigate the picture frame. Investigate it further for the message on the back.

Clue 10/15: Cavanagh's Matchbook

On the nightstand next to the bed is a little matchbook. Pick it up and investigate it further. After this go find the phone, which is marked on your mini map. Interact with it.

Note: There's also one in the kitchen, but you only need to investigate one of them.

Clue 11/15: InstaHeat Receipt

Head into the kitchen. Look on the table to find two pieces of paper there. Pick up the one on the right.

Clue 12/15: InstaHeat Flyer

Still at the table, now pick up the other paper on your left. Be sure to examine it further.

Newspaper 2/13

From the kitchen travel to the dining room table. It's on the edge.

Clue 13/15: Water Heater

Go outside from either the front of the back door, and go to the side of the house that the kitchen was on. You'll see pipes on the ground. Assemble them. This is known as an Inspection Puzzle.

Achievement Unlocked: The Plot Thickens

You get this achievement for completing your first Inspection Puzzle.

Interview Margaret Black - 6 Questions

Question 1: Slaughterhouse Receipt
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Stenzel Glasses Case
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 3: Location of Adrian Black
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 4: Photograph signed 'Nicole'
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Concealed Message

Achievement Unlocked: The Straight Dope

Use Evidence to prove a lie as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

Question 5: Cavanagh's Bar Matchbook
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 6: Alibi for Mrs Black
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Location: Cavanagh's Bar

Talk to the bartender. You will be pointed to go talk to a man sitting alone. Time for an interview.

Interview Person of Interest: Frank Morgan - 2 Question

Question 1: Link to Abandoned Vehicle
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Receipt for Live Hog

Question 2: Location of Adrian Black
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

You can choose to either Arrest or let Frank Morgan go.

Location: Morgan's Apartment

Clue 14/14: Black Residue

You should have gotten this while driving to the apartment.

When you get to the apartment building, look at the mailboxes on the left as you enter to confrim Frank Morgan's apartment number. When you meet him there will be a chase sequence following. Afterwards will be the end of the case.

Achievement Unlocked: The Third Degree

Correctly branch every question in every interview in a single story cae.

Achievement Unlocked: Golden Boy

Clear a case finding every clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator

Achievement Unlocked: The Up and Up

Complete a story case with a five star rating
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