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Case 6: A Marriage Made in Heaven

Newspapers: 1
Clues: 9
Interview Questions: 10

Location: Ray's Cafe

Clue 1/9: Hit and Run Vehicle

This is automatic.

Clue 2/9: Wallet

Examine the body. Check the left side pocket. View the ID.

Clue 3/9: Insurance Letter

Check the right side pocket. Scroll down to read.

Clue 4/9: Coroner's Report

This is automatic.

Clue 4/9: Bloody Knife

To the left of Ray's Cafe, is a dumpster with a knocked over trash can in front of it. Check the trash can to the left of it that's still standing. Rotate the knife to read.

Interview Witness: Shannon Perry - 3 Questions

Question 1: Eyewitness Report
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Clue 5/9: Argument Overheard

Obtained after question.

Question 2: Red Lincoln Continental
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Clue 6/9: Hit and Run Vehicle Updated - Lincoln Continental

Obtained after question.

Question 3: Argument Overheard
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Interview Witness: Dudely Lynch - 4 Questions

Question 1: Hit and Run Incident
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Association with Victim
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 3: Argument Overheard in Bar
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Clue 7/9: Lynch's Statement

Obtained after question.

Question 4: Joint Business Venture
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Use the payphone in the bar after the questioning.

Newspaper 3/13

Be sure to pick up the newspaper in front of the bartender before leaving.

Location: Shelton Residence

Smash into Shelton's car until he stops, then get out of your car and arrest him.

Location: Pattison Residence

Interview Lorna Pattison - 3 Questions

Question 1: Hit and Run Incident
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Nature of Argument
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 3: Partnership with Leroy Sabo
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Insurance Letter

After the interview, call with the telephone outside of the house by the traffic light.

Location: Central Morgue

Clue 8/9: Coroner's Report Update - Pattison Stabbed

This is automatically updated during your time in the morgue.

Location: Pattison Residence

Chase after your suspect and make sure to hold your aimer on him to fire a warning shot. Even if you're far behind him you can aim while he is on a straight away.

Acheivement Unlocked: Not So Hasty

Stop a fleeing suspect with a warning shot as an LAPD Detective.
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