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Originally Posted by Creech View Post
I am pretty sure if you use a rubber band or even just the cord of your wired controller to walk in circles that you should be fine.
The programming for this game seems to be smart enough to see that you are not moving the sticks, and your keflings take a siesta.

Originally Posted by Ihazcandy4you View Post
Would you guys say joining a random game online and doing something else is a easy way to get the one for 10 banners?
The banners can unlock any time, but you've got to have your character near the workshop so you can "see" it being built. As long as you're near the workshop and it's visible on the screen, you'll get credit for each one built by 10 unique people. I got this while I was asleep, by just leaving my game running and my character next to the workshop.

Of course, I saved my map first, so it wouldn't matter if my kingdom was torn down by bullies.
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