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Originally Posted by rvlution View Post
Yeah, a lot of the interviews are plain dumb luck. Why would I believe someone nervously looking around the room?

Are people seriously griping about cutscenes? If you had read anything about the game beforehand you would have known it's not very action oriented.

The character controls are good sometimes but I've had my fair share of problems. The driving, however, is great imo. SO much better than GTA.
A million times this. There is almost no rationale behind the supposed "correct" decisions you have to make. And even when I'm confident I'm on top of the interview there's no predicting what the hell Cole will say.

Using doubt at the wrong time, and the moron accuses the someone (who isn't even the prime suspect) of the whole god damn murder! The feeling of getting something wrong, which you believe to be right, is downright crippling to the games' momentum.

The amount of times I've felt like restarting the whole case out pure frustration is innumerable. I think about the evidence, potential motives, where people fit into overall case, and my reward? Getting slapped on the wrist for not staying within some arbitrary guidelines the game has set up.
Every time I warm to the games jaw-dropping tech and atmosphere it just pulls out the rulebook.
"God, Ted. D'you remember that fella who was so good at fashion they had to shoot him?"

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