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Originally Posted by JaredL View Post
It's because Mafia II and L.A. Noire share a similar time period, that's all. Also, it's important to note that Rockstar supported in the development, but the primary development was done by Team Bondi. I love the way it plays, it's different, but it works. This isn't GTA after all, it wouldn't be right if it played out the same.
Nah this just isn't true. Both of these games feel very similar. The character movement, the camera, the hand to hand combat, etc. It has nothing to do with the fact that both games are from a similar time period.

You can set waypoints, but since GPS obviously wasn't around in the 40s, they can't highlight the ideal path for you - instead, if you get lost, you'll notice your partner gives you directions. I don't consider this a flaw, it's a small detail that makes the game very unique and realistic.
It most likely wasn't available in the 1800s either, but you can use GPS in RDR.
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