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Originally Posted by rvlution View Post
Yeah, a lot of the interviews are plain dumb luck. Why would I believe someone nervously looking around the room?
I made this point in another thread, and was basically told "people who think they know so much about interrogation... blahblah". There were MANY times someone would give a response, then fidget and nervously look around. You'd go "That's a lie", then they'd get all defensive, and you'd get it wrong. That's not a subtle "doubt" reation, sorry, but it's not. Maybe one person who's twitchy to start with fine, but I've had it happen about 3-4 times now. Annoying. At this point, I don't care. I just on immediate instinct and carry on either way. Funny too, I either get maybe one wrong, or I'll botch it completely. I'll go back later if I try to 100% all the cases.

Plus everyone gets angry when you accuse them of lying. Nobody for me yet, has gotten upset, they just get all "Hey buddy! Good luck proving that one."

This is indeed more Mafia 2 than GTA4. I liked M2, so it's no big deal, just the structure of the game is a little dull. You CAN free roam, but you have to go into a menu to. I'd like to solve a case, then wander around. The cases are like bad 50's cop dramas... bad in the cheesy way, not bad as in shitty. Campy dialogue, hokey situations a quick action scene (or two), and end credits (without the credits).

My basic gripes are the controls, especially the driving (no in car = bullshit).
The interrogation, while cool, is getting boring/repetitive.
No ammo inventory display. Now, I haven't run out yet, but I'm assuming you do since one suit gives you "hold more ammo".

Straight out... I LIKE THE GAME... before more people get all bent out of shape. I would have stopped playing by now if I didn't like it. It's just a bit of a letdown.
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