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Post Vehicle Location Guide (360 Degree Rotation Videos)

Complete car location guide
*This guide is intended to aid in the search of the 95 vehicles. While a lot of what can be found here trys to provide specific locations, its safe to say this isn't perfect. I'm sorry if you have trouble, this is where they MIGHT be found. This does invlove some chance but I hope this at least gets you in the right direction.

VIDEO CREDITS GO TO DOOBS. Everyone thank this man!

(Thank you to everyone for making this sticky. I really appreciate the support.)

2-Door (25)

1. Buick Business Coupe
Location: Westlake. You can find one of these parked in the parking lot to the east of the bloodstained door in "Upon Reflection."
2. Buick Coupe
Location: Downtown, Central. Found in the parking lot directly adjacent to Eagleson's Gun Store in "Buyer Beware." You can also find it in the Hall of Records parking lot during "A Polite Invitation." It's the presented escape vehicle in "House of Sticks," as well.
3. Buick Eight Convertible
Location: Wilshire. You can find one parked to the right of the Central Gun Shop visited during "Upon Reflection," or in "A Polite Invitation" next to Kelso's Apartment in Hollywood on De Longpre Ave. There's another one in a parking lot across from the shootout alley where you also find the newspaper in "Manifest Destiny."
4. Buick Eight Coupe
Location: Downtown, Central. Look for one parked in the motel parking lot where you find Film Reel 4 (Nightmare Alley)
5. Buick 2dr Sedanette
Location: Whilshire. Fine one of these parked beside the corner apartment with green trim, cattycorner and southeast from the Sawyer House Fire.
6. Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2dr
Location: Downtown, Central. Also found in a fenced parking lot west and across the street from Cavanaugh's Bar in "The Driver's Seat."
7. Chevrolet Styleline
Location: Downtown, Central. Parked in the parking lot across from the front of the Central Police Station during "A Marriage Made in Heaven." There's also one in the parking lot behind the pawn shop in the Traffic street crime "Pawn Shop Holdup."
8. Chrysler Town and Country
Location: Downtown, Hollywood. You can also find one in Kelso's Apartment parking lot during "A Polite Invitation."
9. Cord Hardtop
Location: Hollywood. Outside the Hollywood Police Station at the beginning of "The Naked City." Also fairly common among North Hollywood.
10. Buick Custom
Location: Hollywood. In the Boxing Stadium parking lot on Gower St near Selma Ave. A great time to get it is when you leave this location during "The Set Up."
11. Ford Convertible
Location: Hollywood. In a parking lot behind the Numbers Operation building in "The Black Ceasar."
12. Ford Custom
Location: Central. This is practically dropped in your lap in "The White Shoe Slaying" when you begin chasing Richard Bates from Baron's Bar. It's the car that stops in the street so you can chase after Bates as he enters the pickup truck.
13. Packard Custom
Location: Wilshire. In the InstaHeat Factory parking lot during "The Gas Man." (For best results, wait and go to the InstaHeat Factory when you are prompted to in the mission.) [It's been confirmed that you must watch and finish the cutscene at the InstaHeat Factory for this vehicle to appear in the parking lot. (credit:GalaxyRed13 for this)]
14. Desoto 2dr Custom
Location: Westlake. Also parked in the lost beside The Bamba Club during "The Red Lipstick Murder."
15. Ford 2dr
Location: Westlake. Also find one in the parking lot behind the Bamba Club during "The Red Lipstick Murder."
16. Ford Business Coupe
Location: Westlake. Parked in the raised parking lot behind the Maldonado Residence in Central LA during "The Silk Stocking Murder." Also in Jennifer Horgan's driveway during "The Red Lipstick Murder."
17. Ford Tudor Convertible
Location: Wilshire. Also in the Hall of Records parking lot during "A Polite Invitation."
18. Ford V8 Sedan
Location: Downtown, Central. Also used as a chase vehicle option at the beginning of the Street Crime, "The Badger Game."
19. Lasalle V8 Sedan
Location: MOST COMMON in Westlake. In Central, one of these is often parked in the first lot on the left as you exit out of the tunnel at the north end of Union Station.
20. Lincoln Continental Coupe
Location: Wilshire. Parked at the curb as you leave the Bookmaker's Office during "The Set Up." Also often seen driving by the murder scene on 7th Street during "Buyer Beware."
21.Nash Super 600
Location: Downtown, Central. Look for these driving through the streets of Downtown.
22. Packard Clipper Eight
Location: Downtown, Central. Also, the fleeing suspects drive one of these in "Manifest Destiny." Follow them to the shootout alley at Heskell's Men's Wear. Enter their wrecked are to unlock.
23.Packard Clipper Six
Location: Wilshire. Also found in the L.A. Public Libary parking lot during "The Quarter Moon Murders," as well as in the parking lot beside Eagleson's Gun Store during "Buyer Beware."

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