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Sports (8)

1. Cadillac V16 Convertible
Location: Hollywood. Also found in the L.A. Public Libary parking lot during "The Quarter Moon Murders." There's another in Curtis Benson's apartment parking lot in "A Polite Invitation." A Third parked in the lot across the street from the Central Police Station during "The Driver's Seat."
2. Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible
Location: Hollywood. This vehicle can be found ambiently in Hollywood.
3. Mercury Custom
Location: East Downtown. Parked Behind the Maldonado Residence in "The Silk Stocking Murder."
4. Fourd Deluxe Convertible
Location: Westlake. Also found in the parking lot beside Ray's Cafe during "A Marriage Made in Heaven."
5. Lincoln Contiental Convertible
Location: Hollywood. There's usually one parked in Central in a parking lot adjacent (north) of the worksite where Hidden Film "Sweet Smell of Success."
6. Lincoln Model K Convertible Roadster
Location: Wilshire. You can also find one in the parking lot behind the Bamba Club in "The Red Lipstick Murder."
7. Nash La Fayette Convertible
Location: Hollywood. You can find a couple of these parked in lots across the street from the Black Ceasar food Hut. You can also find them driving in fron of the Pawnbrocker on Main St in "The Studio Secretary Murder."
8. Oldsmobile S98 Convertible
Location: Wilshire. Often seen driving around the Wilshire District.

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