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Service (19)

1. International KB8
Location: East Downtown. This is an individual unique unlock from the regular KB8. It can be found in a parking lot on the west end of Hawthron Ave in west Hollywood on La Brea Ave.
2. Chevrolet Pickup
Location: Westlake. Beside Schroeder's apartment in "Upon Reflection." Also in the alley as you exit the Hobo Camp in "The White Shoe Slaying."
3. Chevrolet Van
Location: Westlake. You can also fine one parked in the lot to the east of the bloodstained door in "Upon Reflection."
4. Chevrolet Civilian Van
Location: Downtown, Central. Also parked at the gas station across the streed from the fire station in "Manifest Destiny. Fine another in the parking lot beside Eagleson's Gun Store in "Buyer Beware."
5. Chevrolet Pickup 2
Location: Downtown, Central. Also parked at the Clemen's Worksite in "The Gas Man." You can find one in the fenced parked lot across the street from Cavanagh's Bar in "The Driver's Seat."
6. GMC Pickup
Location: Downtown, Central. You can usually find one parked in the lot across the street from the Central Police Station during "The Driver's Seat."
7. Nash Deluxe 600 Army
Location: South West most part of the map at the Militar base. Its the large circle drive by itself. Can't miss it too badly. As soon as you pull it, it will be to your right infront of the building. (South East most part of the map.)
8. American La France Fire Truck
Location: Wilshire. You can easily find one of these as you leave the Vice Precinct at the beginning of "Manifest Destiny". The fire station is adjacent to the poilice department.
9. Buick Ambulance
Location: Central. Good Samaritan Hospital seems to be the easiest place to find this. (Sorry and thank you to everyone who messaged me. I've been slackin just a bit
10. Chevrolet Tow Truck
Location: Wilshire. There are many of these driving around the Demolished Elysian Fields house in "House of Sticks." Look near 1st and Normandie. They also frequent McArthur Park.
11. Desoto Custom Suburban Taxi
Locaiton: Downtown Central. Found driving all around the Central area.
12. Dodge Fule Truck
Location: Wilshire. Often seen driving around where 3rd, 4th, and Alameda St meet in the South Central Division 1 area.
13. Ford Ambulance
Location: Central. Your first easy chance to get this is at the Central Coroner's office during "A Marriage Made in Heaven." It's parked beside the entrance. Also, one is parked at the Sawyer House fire.
14. International Metro KB1M
Location: Wilshire. Found around the streets near the garage where Hidden Vehicle "Chrysler Woody hides. This is south Wilshire where Vermont Ave turns into 8th St.
15. International KB5
Location: Hollywood. In the alley behind the building where you circle around to sneak up on the rooftop sniper in "Manifest Destiny."
16. International D Series
Location: Central. Parked in the lot to the east of the bloodstained door in "Upon Reflection."
17. Heil Colecto-Pak
Location: Central. This is somewhat difficult to find. Look for them cruising around the Mayfair Hotel Landmark. Also found in the alley where you chase Eli Rooney during "The Golden Butterfly."
18. International KB8
Location: East Downtown. This can be found driving around East Downtown.
19. International KB6
Location: East Downtown. You can also find one across the street from Schroeder's Apartment behind a tall climable fence in "Upon Reflection."

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