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Originally Posted by MaxRenn82 View Post
First off I gotta say, I think the driving feels very hokey after getting used to driving in GTA4. More like old style GTA's or Saint's Row (an arcade feel to it), whereas GTA4 felt more realistic. I know they aren't same company making them, but wanted to point that out seeing as someone mentioned it.

And the game does feel short for a 3 disc game really. If the DLC for a game is out the same week it releases, shouldn't that content have perhaps been ON THE DISC???
First of all, I think the driving is fine and considering these cars are 60 years older than the cars in Grand Theft Auto IV, they would probably handle quite differently.

The DLC was a bonus for people who preordered it so the company could get more preorders. Hopefully I can purchase them soon.
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