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Originally Posted by Annalie View Post
Does it matter what disc your playing on when looking for these?... id like to know before i go on a wild goose chase looking for my last 8 cars.

Edit: Does anyone know of a decent video guide where they show you where to go on the map? that would make finding the rest easier...

1.Hudson super 6
2.Packard custom
3.Nash deluxe 600 army
4.Buick ambulance
5.International police wagon
6.Studebaker commander
It doesn't matter which disc you use. As for some of your cars:

The Nash Deluxe 600 Army car is found at an airport. If you look at the map, its in the middle to the far left of the map. Find a vertical street there called Van Ness and you should see on the map what looks like an airport. There are a bunch there.

Buick Ambulance can be found at the Good Samaritan Hospital (Its a landmark.) There are 2 parked behind it at the emergency doors. If they arent there, drive around. Mine showed up at night if that helps.

Studebaker Commander AND International Police Wagon can be found at the crime scene "The Driver's Seat." As SOON as you get there, the Studebaker will be parked behind you. The wagon will be to the left of the scene, its the van used to put suspects in.

Hudson Super Six I found around the intersection of 4th and Los Angeles St.
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