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Originally Posted by Annalie View Post
Does it matter what disc your playing on when looking for these?... id like to know before i go on a wild goose chase looking for my last 8 cars.

Edit: Does anyone know of a decent video guide where they show you where to go on the map? that would make finding the rest easier...

1.Hudson super 6
2.Packard custom
3.Nash deluxe 600 army
4.Buick ambulance
5.International police wagon
6.Studebaker commander
Hudson Super Six
In the Scott's Garage parking lot on the corner of 4th and Los Angeles St.

Packard Custom
In the InstaHeat Factory parking lot during "The Gas Man."

Nash Deluxe 600 Army
Hughes Airplane Company on 813 Van Ness Avenue.

Buick Ambulance
Can be found in the west Central area on 8th between Beacon and Union.

International Police Wagon
Look for them at police roadblocks.

Studebaker Commander
Parked near many crime scenes.
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