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Originally Posted by Annalie View Post
Thanks, funny thing is i just spent 2 hours looking for that hudson 6 car its ridiculous. its not in that place in my game wtf...... i saw the international police wagon and the buick ambulance in 2 cases and the damn game wouldn't let me in either of them... im going to wait for a video guide to be finished up before i loose my freaking mind.
I know how you feel. Haha, I constantly kept going to that intersection checking the garage and it was never there, but luckily it was right on the road in front of the garage at a stoplight. Vehicles are the worst collectibles.

I know for a fact that the nash deluxe is at that airport. There are tons there. And like I said, the wagon and studebaker are at almost every crime scene, Driver's Seat is just the easiest and the buick ambulance, people kept saying between Beacon and Union but its NEVER there. Best bet is to find the two at the hospital.
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