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Okay I only need 1 more car and it's pissing me off. The last 2 cars I needed must be messed up in the guide. I'm referring to 2-door #'s: 5 - Buick 2dr Sedanette & 23 - Packard Clipper Six.

I went to the LA Library during "Quarter Moon Murders" and kept quitting to main menu and resuming game and get different cars every time. I can confirm this method works as I used it for several other cars just after a save point. Well I finally got one of the last 2 cars I needed. It's supposed to be #23 as it says to go to that library. But it turns out it was the #5 car (which is supposed to be near the Sawyer house fire in Arson case.)

So I've been reloading the spot where #5 is supposed to be and the alternate spot for #23 next to the gun store in "Buyer Beware." I'm not having any luck. So my question is are #5 & #23 both supposed to be at the library? Should I go back there and keep trying or could #23 be where #5 is supposed to be instead? Or even simpler, if anyone can just confirm an actual location for the 2-Door #23: Packard Clipper Six.

Edited to add: This achievement sucks! Too many cars look alike.



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