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so the DRS activation not a fan of it, i would prefer to see it used in the race as it is in quali, that way its not as easy to overtake as it has been in some races. It would take more skill, for example, we saw vettel opening it half way around the last bend in spain, drivers which didnt have the confidence in the car or tyres during quali did not do that and only deployed it when the car was straight.

i believe allowing the drivers to deploy it whenever they feel would make for much more interesting racing rather than having a specified "zone" to open the rear wing.

at catalunya i feel that wouldve made the difference up between hamilton and vettel and wouldve made for a much more interesting last few laps watching vettel try to defend both the KERS and DRS of hamilton all around the track rather than just in the pit straight.

what do you guys think?

keep it the same
have it like in quali
not have it at all
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