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The Homicide Cases

Case 8: The Red Lipstick Murder

Newspapers: 1
Clues: 19
Interview Questions: 10

Location: The Moors (Crime Scene)

Clue 1/19: Blunt Force Trauma (Victim's Head)
Clue 2/19: Missing Jewelry (Vicrim's Left Hand)
Clue 3/19: Writing on body

Start with the body. Check the torso, then examine the head (the torso clue will show up after exiting the body later). Turn it slightly for the clue. Then take a look at the left hand (the hand to your right). Examine the finger by turning the hand.

Clue 4/19: Size 8 Shoe Prints

You'll see Evidence Marker C from south of the Victim's body. There's a shoe print outlined with white.

Clue 5/19: Lipstick

At Marker A is a purse. Pick it up and investigate further. You will pull out lipstick.

Clue 6/19: Bamba Club Lighter

North of the victim is what appears to be a golden globe at Marker B. Investigate further and twist each section until it is put in the correct format of a globe. Twist the following:

Top Row: 2 Left
Center Row: 1 Right
Lower Row: 3 Left

Location: Bamba Club

After an automatic cutscene upon entering, go to the back of the club and speak to the guy sitting by himself at a table normally meant to seat more.

Interview Club Owner: Dick Mccoll - 3 Questions

Question 1: Suspect Seen with Victim
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Clue 7/19: License Plate 2B8899

Automatic after question.

Achievement Unlocked: Round Heels

At the Bamba Club, get Dick McColl to give up the license plate of Celine Henry's male companion.

Question 2: Knowledge of Husband
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Clue 8/19: Husband's Alibi

Automatic after question.

Question 3: Ring Stolen from Victim
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Location: Henry Residence

After the interview, use a payphone to get this location.

Newspaper 5/13

After opening the door to the house, you'll see it right in front of you on the ground.

Clue 9/19: Female Shoe

Walk around the couch and into the dining room. There is a shoe on the ground in the light beams from the window. Twist it to see t he number on the bottom.

Clue 10/19: Forced Entry

In the kitchen you'll find a broken window.

Clue 11/19: Note on Fridge

Turn around and examine the note on the fridge to ensure you get the objective/locationof Henry's Apartment

NOTE: This does not register as a technical clue but is needed to progress the storyline, so therefore does count. It just doesn't get logged.

Clue 12/19: Missing Jewlrey (Clue Updated)

Go into the messy room and you'll see a vanity dresser with a mirror. There's a ring box in the front and middle. Pick it up and investigate it further.

Clue 13/19: Picture (In Plane with Ring)

Check the picture near the empty ring box.

NOTE: This does not register as a technical clue in your log book but is needed for questioning later on.

Clue 14/19: Martial Problems

Go out the back door of the house (from the kitchen). You should see a blue car with a lady in front of it. Go talk to her.

Location: Jacob Henry's Apartment

Remember to have made sure you looked at the note in the kitchen (on the fridge). You will then have access to go here.

Clue 15/19: Size 11 Shoes

After the suspect sits down, turn around and go through the closed door. On the bed is a suitcase with shoes in it. Twist to get a look at the bottom.

Clue 16/19: Death Threat Note

As you head back to the witness, you'll see a note on the counter to your left. Check it and you'll have a pencil in your hand. Shade the areas to reveal the hidden message.

Interview Suspect: Jacob Henry (First Interview) - 3 Questions

Question 1: Movements of Victim
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Bamba Club Lighter

Question 2: Last Contact with Victim
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 3: Motive for Murder
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Death Threat Note

Achievement Unlocked: Keep A Lid On

Complete a brawl without losing your hat as an LAPD Detective or Investigator

After questioning Jacob Henry, you will get in a brawl with him. You will want to hold before the fight and either try to dodge ith right away, or start punching with . He doesn't take many hits to go down, but if you get hit even once you will likely lose your hat. If this happens, let him win and you'll start right back before the fight. This can be obtained in other fights as well.

Location: Central Police Station

After the interview and brawl, head here and then conduct yet another interview of the same person. You will get this location after talking on the phone in the kitchen.

Interview Suspect: Jacob Henry (Second Interview) - 4 Questions

Question 1: Lipstick Markings
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Deterioration of Marriage
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Marital Problems

Question 3: Access to Murder Weapon
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Husband's Alibi

Question 4: Missing Jewlery
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Location: Mendez's Residence

After the questions, you will now head here. Before entering check the box with all the numbers on it to confirm (top floor, last apartment)

Clue 17/19: Size 8 Shoes
Clue 18/19: Used Lipstick
Clue 19/19: Socket Wrench

Head down the hall and into the bedroom. You'll find the shoes on the ground. Rotate for size. You'll see a box in the same room. Pick up the lipstick and rotate. Now pick the wrench up and rotate it as well.

Righter after exiting the last clue, you will go on a chase and the mission will end once it's over.
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