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^^ I assume you mean that they can have it open whenever they want but only as long as they are within 1 second of a car in front and not just everyone can use it anywhere they want, otherwise that would be too easy I think. Im happy with the zone being there, its just a case of the FIA getting it right. In Turkey it was too easy, the chasing cars were flying past the driver in front and being well ahead of them by the time they reached the braking zone. And in Spain it was too difficult. The lead car had already reached the braking zone by the time the following car had got any speed advantage. If the original final turns had been in place im sure it would have been different but as it is now the final turn is just an acceleration zone and the lead car would have great traction off that turn and the following car would be compromised through the chicane and final turn being in the dirty air zone. I think its a good idea, especially somewhere like Catalunya where overtaking isnt an easy thing, but for it to work properly the activation zone needs to be in the right place which, as we have seen so far this season, is a very difficult thing to judge. However the tyres are turning out to be great this year. Its great to see people using different strategies again and so far Catalunya has been the best race for that this year what with Button three stopping while the rest of the front runners were on four stops and yet they were still doing similar lap times, the Force Indias sacrificing top 10 spots by going out on the hard tyre in Q2 so that they would have a new set of options for the race and despite the hard tyre being slower than expected, the lead drivers having to use 2 sets of primes because their last stint was simply too long for the options to last. Its turning out great this season, even when the DRS isnt in the right place, and with Vettel dominating, simply because of the way the tyres behave.
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