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Originally Posted by JonathanT32 View Post
Thanks man sounds good. What exactly is the hard mode trick? I haven't heard of that yet.
The 'trick' I was referring to was purposely de-ranking our characters to level 1 to avoid the higher rank abilities on the enemy AI while playing co-op on hard. However, it appeared to us that the level 1 AI on versus was easier to deal with than the level 1 AI on hard.

You de-rank by going into the abilities area and selecting the option to reset your abilities. In doing so you will lose 1 level (and the rank/exp that goes with it). Then simply add some ability, rinse, repeat till you are at level 1.

The AI does not seem to get any easier, but at least you don't have to deal with upgraded turrets, hacking your turrets, etc., when you (and the AI) are at rank 1.

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