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Holy Slammaster15
Get 100 Slam crash bonuses.

A Slam crash bonus can be achieved by hitting an opponent at low(ish) speed. Playing Deathmatch Derbies, you will get this done in no time. It can be done in any mode however.

Master Trucker10
Win a Head On or normal race with the Truck.

This vehicle needs to be unlocked if trying to do it offline. To unlock the Truck, play and receive gold on the fourth Deathmatch Derby in Carnage Mode. It tasks you with getting 120,000 points and is at the Gas Station. When unlocked, win any race.

An easier way to get the achievement, is to play online. Set up a player match with all vehicles allowed. Choose the Truck and win.

Crashman Returns30
Win all Bonus Race Single Events with the Flatmobile.

Real Habanero60
Win Derby class in Flatout Mode (all cups gold) with an unupgraded Chili.

There are eight cups in Derby class. The Chilli costs $4500. You must not put any upgrade on the car. It is quite slow, so you may have trouble winning while using it. There is a rather useful exploit however...

Pick your fastest derby car, use it for all but the last race in a cup, then change to the Chilli. This should give you a nice lead in the championship, allowing you some leeway when using the Chilli. If you've already got gold on a cup, it doesn't matter. Just win it while using the Chilli in the last race and it will count.

Car Rental Service40
Own at least 6 vehicles at the same time.

The minimum amount required is $41,000. This is done in Flatout Mode. Enter the car dealership, select Derby class and buy the first 6 vehicles. Achievement unlocked.

Used Car Salesman35
Sell 10 cars.

The Chilli is the cheapest car at $4500. When you sell it, you get half back, so you'll need about $33,000. Buy the Chilli, sell it and repeat this process until the achievement unlocks.

Pro Tuner25
Own a fully upgraded Street class car in FlatOut Mode.

Approximately $125,000 is required to fully upgrade a Street class car. When upgrading, if a part has a yellow box on it, it is part of a set. Buying the one with the highest amount of boxes will automatically "buy" the ones below it.

Total Domination30
Achieve all 4 “Top Driver” awards in one race and win the race.

The "Top Driver" awards are as follows:

Best Wrecker - Most damage overall to opponents.
Blast Master - Deaing various types of damage to opponents.

Bulldozer - Ramming into the most track objects.
Fastest Lap - Getting the fastest lap time.

This can come through natural play, but a surefire way to get it is the following.

Enter the "Extras" section of the main menu and type in WOTKINS in the cheat code area. This unlocks the Flatmobile. Start a Bonus event on Figure of Eight 1 and set the laps to one or two. At the beginning just ram your opponents as much as possible and hit as many of the tyres lining the turns. When you're satisfied, head for the finish line. The Flatmobile is so fast, you shouldn't have a problem winning. If at the end your name is under every award, the achievement is yours.
Done with achievements.

I apologise for any incomplete achievement guides.
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