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Originally Posted by TaruZhul View Post
Awesome, thank you for the response. I originally thought this would be one of those achievements that you get over time with luck, but it seems to require planning. I will give your method a try tonight, thanks!
I used this A47A47's video to help me out:

The plan here: original novice mode, suicide & continue at the beginning, try to get similar scores by the end of levels 1 and 2 as in the video. Around 28-30 million by the end of stage 2.

Enter the stage 3 midboss with the score at 34.80 - 34.99 million, shoot the midboss until your score is at 34.99 million, and let the midboss time out. Bomb directly at the pickup insect and get right on top of it to get the pickup before anything else happens.

You might want to try the "time out and bomb" bit in training a couple of times first.

The video also shows an alternate way if you're behind the target score (the extra bomb, or the "seventh bomb", at the end of stage 3, gives 100,000 points).
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