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Reserved for Case 13: The Quarter Moon Murders

Newspapers: 0
Clues: 14
Interview Questions: 0

Location: Central Station

This is your starting location.

Clue 1/14: Black Dahlia Letter

Pick the letter up in front of you.

Clue 2/14: Shelley Excerpt

Pick up piece of paper above the letter.

Location: Pershing Square Fountain

Go to the fountain and walk around in it. There are two clues on top if you climb up.

Clue 3/14: Second Excerpt
Clue 4/14: Social Security Card

Climb on top of the fountain and pick up both pieces of paper.

Location: Hall of Records

You need to go to your map now (instead of locations). Set the destination on the hall of records, located to the East of the Central Police Station.

Once there and done talking, climb two flights of steps. Take a right and go to the second area with two doors and windows. Go through the left door. Climb the ladder and go through the door. Now walk the rope to the chandelier.

Clue 5/14: Deidre Moller's Watch
Clue 6/14: Third Excerpt

Both of these are on top of the chandelier. Pick them both up.

Location: LA Public Library

Go to your map again and set your location to the Library, which is under the E of the word "Central".

Once you get there, climb the pipe right in front of you and pull yourself to the next section. Now you just have to make your way to the top of the structure that's under construction. Once you reach the top you'll find the clues in one of the corners.

Clue 7/14: Antonia's Medallion
Clue 8/14: Fourth Excerpt

Once you're at the top of the library, you'll find these clues in the corner. Pick them up.

Location: Westlake Tar Pits

Go to your map again. Put your cursor on the Central Police Station, then move it West in a straight line. You'll find it at the end of the map. Get to the tar pit and angle your camera down. You will see the route walkway that you must follow. Get to the island following it.

Clue 9/14: Theresa Taraidsen's Shoe
Clue 10/14: Fifth Excerpt

Pick the shoe up and rotate. Pick up the excerpt too.

Location: LA County Museum

Just above the previous location is the next one you'll be heading to.

Once you arrive, you'll see a sign that points to the maze. Head there and enter. Follow through the maze. Most of it is straight forward, but sometimes you will be given an option of direction. Below are the choices listed in order for the directions:

Right, Left, Right, Left.

Clue 11/14: Celine Henry's Garnet Ring
Clue 12/14: Sixth Excerpt

You should be in front of a gold rotating sphere. Pick up the ring and rotate it. Then pick up an d read the piece of paper.

Location: "Intolerance" Set

Move your cursor following 9th Street. You'll see Francisco Street which is right in front of your location.

Go to the back of the area when you arrive and go up the steps. You'll get a save point then have to balance until your partner makes a route for you to jump to. Once safe, go down the ladder on the ledge.

Clue 11/14: Evelyn Summer's Ring
Clue 12/14: Seventh Excerpt

Go to the thrown and pick up the ring. Rotate it then examine the piece of paper. After these clues you will be in an "escape" scene.

Location: Christ Crown of Thorns

Just SouthWest of the set, is the church.

Enter inside and run straight. After the scene, go out the door near the tunnel that is mentioned and into the house. Stick to theft when you enter to find another door. There you will find an entrance to the tunnels. Follow through the tunnels and kill the suspect. Be very slow and cautious.

Achievement Unlocked: The Simple Art of Murder

Complete All Cases on the Homicide Desk

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