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Case 14: The Black Caesar

Newspapers: 1
Clues: 13
Interview Questions: 7

Clue 1/13: Army Surplus Morphine


Location: Yucca Street Crime Scene

Go inside the apartment and start looking around.

Clue 2/13: Numbers Slip
Clue 3/13: Radio Station Note
Clue 4/13: Strange Doodle.
Clue 5/13: Popcorn Cup
Clue 6/13: Morphine Syrettes

On the middle of the ground is a wallet. Pick it up and check the ID then check the slip on the right. Now go to the body on the ground. Check the man's front pocket for a wallet. Do the same as on the last wallet. Now turn around and look at the table. There is a piece of paper in front of a fallen cup. Examine it. Now pick up the cup that's still standing on the left. Rotate it then investigate further. Go into the kitchen and to the right of the sink is a toaster with another cup in front of it. Examine that one the same way as the previous.

Location: Black Caesar Food Hut

Drive to this location, which is extremely close by. You will automatically be thrown into a chase scene, and then eventually a brawl. Now you can search the food hut.

Clue 7/13: Morphine for Distribution
Clue 8/13: Numbers Racket
Clue 9/13: Blue Room Pass

Inside the hut, check the box on the left and the briefcase on the right. The box will automatically give you the clue once you rotate it. The briefcase has two clues. First first is the blue ticket on the left. Investigate it further. Now open the device on the right.

Interview Hut Employee: Fleetwood Morgan - 2 Questions

Question 1: Morphine Overdose Victims
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Popcorn Cups with Morphine

Clue 10/13: Distributor Identified

Automatic with question.

Question 2: Number Slips Recovered
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Location: Jones' Musical Booking Agency

Once inside the building check the listings on the wall to see what room you Jones will be in. It will be the first door on the left of doors with numbers and names on them. Talk to Jones and then you'll be able to check things out.

Clue 11/13: Morphine Syrettes (update)

There's a radio in the back of the office. Investigate it. Turn it to FM on the middle nob, and to station 275 with the right. Now turn the radio on with the left nob. Inspect everything inside including the sticker on the top of the inside lid.

Interview: Jermaine Jones - 3 Questions

Question 1: Army Surplus Morphine
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Involvement of 'Ottie'
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Distributor Identified

Clue 12/13: Finkselstein Identified

Automatic with question.

Question 3: Link to Ramez Removals
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Location: Ottie's Numbers Operation

Just up the road is a phone you should make a call on. Once at Ottie's go inside and up the stairs. After the scene, you should go to the red slot machine in the back.

You need to match the three symbols to that of the doodle you found earlier. It will be the cherries, the bell, and the WIN. Pull the lever and if something matches, navigate to the hold button below the symbol and press it. Keep spinning and holding accordingly. Do not exit after unlocking the machine or you will be forced into a chase scene. After the chase scene, you'll be back in the office.

Clue 13/13: IOU Note

Open the cane and you will find the note inside.

Interview: Merlon Ottie - 2 Questions

Question 1: Army Surplus Morphine
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Finkelstein Identified

Question 2: IOU Note from Jose' Ramez
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Location: Ramez Removals

Finish the car pursuit. You'll now be in the warehouse.

Newspaper 7/13

Once inside the warhouse, look left and see the green lamp. The table behind it has the newspaper.

Now you'll want to turn around from the newspaper, and look at the ledger on the other desk. Read through it and exit.

There are puddles on the ground, follow them around until you get to a ladder. Climb up and go to the controls. There is a door in front of you on the side of the concrete structure. Move the boxes to unblock the exit. Go inside and examine the ice block in the middle. Now shoot it and examine the morphine. Finish the shootout after the scene plays out.

Location: Polar Bear Ice Inc.

Once you get here, fight your way to the end. Open the green crate. This will end the case.

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