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Case 15: The Set Up

Newspapers: 1
Clues: 11
Interview Questions: 3

Location: American Legion Stadium

Just walk to the door with the men standing in front of it.

Newspaper 8/13

After the cut scene you'll see this on the red bench next to you.

Clue 1/11: Bookmaker's Odds

Look at the board with all of the posters on it. To the right are lockers. The second locker over has the clue inside of it.

Talk on the phone after gaining the clue.

Location: Hotel El Mar

Head to the hotel that was given after your phone call. Go inside and you will be given a ledger to look through. Winston Churchill is the one you want to pick. It is room number 207. This is on the right page. Head upstairs and go in.

Clue 2/11: Telegram

Look at the garbage on the ground from the trash can that was knocked over. There is a piece of paper you need to look at.

Clue 3/11: Movie Ticket Stub

Look on the dresser in the room and pick up the ticket stub. Rotate it to get a better look. You can also look at the chocolates if you want, though it isn't a clue.

Clue 4/11: Magazine Coupon

Go to the table now and pick up the magazine there. Go to the bottom right corner where there is an entry form with dashed red boxes around it. Tap on it with your finger.

Clue 5/11: Bookmaker's Payouts

To the left of the bed in the room is a piece of paper on the nightstand. Read it.

Location: Aleve Motel

This is actually listed as Candy's Address in your book. Head there. Go inside and talk to the lady. She tells you to go to apartment 7. Head up the stairs to go there and you will kick open the door and fight off someone. Inspect the man after the fight and look in both pickets for the notepad and the knife.

Clue 6/11: Bus Ticket
Clue 7/11: Cunard Ascania

Both of these are on the dresser. After checking them, you will start an interview.

Interview: Candy Edwards - 3 Questions

Question 1: Whereabouts of Hammond
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Magazine Coupon

Question 2: List of Odds Recovered
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Bookmaker's Odds

Question 3: Plans to Leave Town
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Achievement: The Moose

You will be following Candy on foot. After putting down the newspaper, it's important you don't go into any kind of cover besides just standing behind stuff. This means do not press any special button to get behind a wall, etc. Just stay far back. If you get caught you can retry. The only problem is if you get caught after hitting a checkpoint, the game will put you into cover meaning you will miss the achievement.

Location: Thrifty Liquor

When you are done with tailing Candy, walk inside.

Clue 8/11: Bookie's Notepad

After the cut scene, look over at the phone on the wall and pick up the notepad. Use the pencil to find the address.

Location: Examiner Drugstore

While driving to this location you will also get Ray's Bookmakers as another location. Head to the drugstore and enter. The man points you to a phone.

Clue 9/11: Yellow Cab Co. Card

Next to the phone is the card. Pick it up to gain the clue. Then make a call on the phone. Go back to Mervin and talk to him.

Location: Ray's Bookmakers

Once you get to the location you will need to tail the taxi. After tailing it, you will end up at the bus depot.

Location: Interstate Bus Depot

Go inside and you'll see a chair with a newspaper on it. Sit down and pretend you are reading it. Once you hear a scream, get up and go to the ladies restroom which is to the right of the magazine stand. You will see a scene and be in one of the stalls.

Clue 10/11: Revolver
Clue 11/11: Movie Ticket

In front of the stall is a gun. Examine it and press :abut to look at it further. Now pick up the purse. You will see the ticket.

Location: Egyptian Theater

Once you get here, head inside. Head through two sets of double doors. Fight off the enemies to finish the case.

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