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Case 16: Manifest Destiny

Newspapers: 1
Clues: 15
Interview Questions: 14

Location: Hollywood Police Station

Starting Location.

Clue 1/15: Morphine


Location: 111 Club

Once you get here there will be a cut scene. It's time to get some clues. Before you get any, go ahead and examine the first body in front of you.

Clue 2/15: Blue Room Pass
Clue Update: Morphine

Walk to your right and go into the stage area. Open the box on the ground by Marker B. Pick up each of the pieces on the bottom and put them back. A secret compartment will open. Examine the ticket. Now pick up the syringe to update this clue. It's next to the pass.

Clue 3/15 - Update: Morphine

Check the left pocket of the dead body nearby at Marker C. This will update the Morphine clue, yet again.

Clue 4/15: Valor Cigarettes
Clue 5/15: BARs

Head through the open door, left of the body that was by Marker C. Check the crate for the cigarettes. After examining the cigarettes you should see a gun rack with 3 guns on the floor nearby. Go examine the gun too.

Before leaving, go into the back room. This is opposite of the exit. Near the body is a safe. Check it. Even though it doesn't give you a clue, it does fulfill thoroughness.

Interview: The Hostess - 2 Questions

Question 1: 111 Club Shooting Incident
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Knowledge of McGoldrick
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Location: The Blue Room

Head inside for a cutscene.

Interview: Elsa Lightmann - 2 Questions

Question 1: Army Surplus Morphine
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Morphine Overdose Victims
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Tail Elsa and after a few scenes you'll end up at your next location.

Location: The Mocambo Club

Interview: Meyer Harris "Mickey" Cohen - 2 Questions

Question 1: Finkelstein Drug Operation
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: 111 Club Shooting Incident
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

You will either be at the Hollywood Police Station after the scene, or if you somehow missed a clue will be heading back to the 111 Club. After you find your clue (review above), then head to the station.

Location: Hollywood Police Station

Go inside and follow the man inside.

Clue 6/15: Manifest
Clue 7/15: Stolen BARs (updated)
Clue 8/15: Stolen Valors (updated)

While looking at the list, go to the right page and click on each thing circled in red.

Location: Bus Shooting

This is easier than it seems at first. Go left around the building and climb the ladder. Now you'll be in a short gunfight. Kill him with a headshot. Afterwards, pick up the gun and examine it.

Clue 9/15: Sniper's Pocketbook

Check the inside of the pocket on the sniper for this clue. This will move to a cutscene.

Interview: Felix Alvarro - 2 Questions

Question 1: Informed of Coolridge Heist
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Motive for Shooting
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Sniper's Pocketbook

Achievement: The Fighting Sixth

This awarded after questioning for the above answers.

Clue 10/15: 6th Marines

Automatic after questioning.

Location: Jack Kelso's Apartment

Before leaving the bus shooting area, go to the nearby phone and make a call to get this address. After getting there there will be a scene that plays out, then you will head automatically head back to the police station.

Location: Hollywood Police Station

You will arrive here automatically and start your interview.

Interview: Jack Kelso - 4 Questions

Question 1: Army Surplus Morphine
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Question 2: Ex-Marine McGoldrick
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 3: Arms Stolen from Coolridge
Assessment: Truth
Evidence: N/A

Question 4: SS Coolridge Robbery
Assessment: Doubt
Evidence: N/A

Location: Robert's Diner

After heading to this location, you will have to do a car chase. Don't go too overboard though, just follow the car. It will stop on it's own at a certain point and you will go on foot.

Location: Alleyway Crime Scene

This is where you will have a shootout after the car chase. Kill the two men.

Newspaper 9/13

In the alleyway where you kill the shooters, you should see the newspaper on the ground to the right of the crates.

Clue 11/15: Shooter's Notebook
Clue 12/15: Copy of Manifest

Make sure you check both pockets of the shooter to get each clue.

Location: Hollywood Post Office

Set off for Hollywood Post Office. You will be in another shootout.

Clue 13/15: Beckett's Confession
Clue 14/15: Business Card

Go to the body in front of you after the scene. The man is still alive and will give you a clue. After he speaks and you get the clue, pick up the card from his hand.

Clue 15/15: Note

Go to the other side of the building and look in the first PO BOX section. The man that is dead has the note in his pocket.

Location: Grauman's Chinese Threatre

Your arrival at this location triggers another car chase scene. After you shoot the tire out, kill the men.

Location: Meeting Place

Again, you get here and you will be involved in a gunfight. There are many enemies to kill.

Location: Hollywood Police Station

Go inside for your last interview of the case. This will be in one of the interview rooms.

Interview: Courtney Sheldon - 2 Questions

Question 1: 6th Marines Being Targeted
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Note

Question 2: SS Coolridge Robbery
Assessment: Lie
Evidence: Beckett's Confession

Achievement: No Rest for the Wicked

Gained for completing all cases on the Vice desk.

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