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Military Base - Act 2 Help

Hi guys

I bought this game last week filled with optimism for quick and easy achievement points ......... instead the week has been filled with frustration and a desire to finish this damn game as quickly as I can !!

I'm stuck on the Military Base - Act 2 level ....... not even looking for the coins currently, just can't get out of the level.

I've done the part with Invisible Woman and joined back up with the team - beaten the 1st large robot and moved into the room with the circle in the middle.

From there I go down the corridor and find the room full of desks - go up the lift and find a small room blocked with green energy field and a small room with a computer desk that doesn't activate or anything

Can somebody give me a clue how to get the green force field down or how to activate the computer - and what it does ........ what have I missed. I have fully upgraded the Thing and use his Shockwave in every room, but nothing is triggering

Help me

Mal Skelton
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