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Red Sevens 25
Collect 150 000 Sheriff Stars

Refer to the Red, White & Blue Sevens achievement for more information.

Red, White & Blue Sevens 50
Collect 200 000 Sheriff Stars

You can collect Sheriff Stars by breaking crates, killing enemies, and performing other actions. Spending Sheriff Stars does not effect this achievement in any way. I would recommend that you spend your Sheriff Stars on upgrades that boost Sheriff Star output e.g. more Sheriff Stars for killing enemies. More than likely you won't have unlocked this by the end of the game. You can boost your Sheriff Stars total by using this method: Here (Thanks to Suki for this method). To use this method pick Tale Select instead of choosing a new game.

White Sevens 20
Collect 100 000 Sheriff Stars

Refer to the Red, White & Blue Sevens achievement for more information.

Three Sevens 10
Collect 1000 Sheriff Stars

Refer to the Red, White & Blue Sevens achievement for more information.

Blue Sevens 15
Collect 10 000 Sheriff Stars

Refer to the Red, White & Blue Sevens achievement for more information.

Gun Happy 20
Complete a tale using only your gun

Just complete a level without using any melee attacks on enemies, pretty simple really. You may get away with breaking boxes and collectibles with melee attacks though, as long as you don't hit an enemy with a melee attack you should be fine. However just to be on the safe side I recommend you use your gun to break all crates,barrels, and fish bowls. Level 2 (Water Train) would be a good level to obtain this achievement.

The Cleaner 15
Defeat 500 enemies

Refer to the Widow Maker achievement for more information.

Widow Maker 25
Defeat 1000 enemies

This should come naturally as you play through the game if you kill every enemy you come across which is vital anyway because you need the Sheriff Stars they drop for the Red, White & Blue Sevens achievement. You are also forced to kill most enemies in order to progress further. If this hasn't unlocked by the end of the game it should unlock while you are boosting your Sheriff Star total later on. I unlocked this mid way through level 5 so you shouldn't have to boost for it.

Honorable Cowboy 5
Defeat a shooter without using your gun

As soon as the enemies with guns first appear just run up to one of them and melee () him until he dies and this will unlock.

It's Not Easy Being Green 20
Complete a tale without dying

I would recommend level 1 (Jenkins Cousins' Homestead) for this achievement. This is really easy even on hard mode. The only parts of the level which may give you any trouble are the platforming aspects. If you don't get this on level 1 every other level won't pose much of a challenge either.

Taking Aim 15
Defeat 20 enemies using manual aim

To manual aim hold down () and then aim at an enemy and shoot them. It is best to kill cockroaches because they die in 1-2 hits. You will have plenty of good opportunities to get this easily so there is no need to go out of your way to get the kills.

Legend of the West 125
Complete hard mode and gather all unlocks & all collectibles

It may be called hard mode but it is incredibly easy and the only chance you will die is from falling while platforming. To make it even easier you can spend Sheriff Stars on upgrades that increase Rango's health and his weapon performance. You can buy upgrades from a salesman who is found throughout each level.

To collect all of the collectibles please use this guide:Here (Credit to NiteJokester). You may have enough Sheriff Stars by the end of the game to buy all of the upgrades, if not please see the Red, White & Blue Sevens achievement for a good Sheriff Star boosting method. As soon as you buy all of the upgrades this will unlock but you have to have completed the game and collected all of the collectibles as well.

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! 20
Complete Land of Giants

*Story related and cannot be missed*

This will unlock after you complete level 4.

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