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Thorough Examination 20
Defeat the Alien Probe in Alien Showdown

*Story related and cannot be missed*

This boss fight is at the end of level 9 and it is very easy. All you have to do is shoot the eye every chance you get. You will also be dodging floor lasers, fire, and killing minions. Shouldn't be hard at all because the minions drop a lot of healing items.

They Got a Pill For That 5
Shoot Bad Bill's dynamite bundle before he throws it in Water Train

This achievement is obtainable on level 2 (Water Train). Refer to the Thirsty Work achievement for more information.

Crate Hate 5
Smash open 250 crates

Really simple this one just smash every crate you come across and this will unlock shortly. I unlocked this on level 3. You will be smashing crates anyway to get Sheriff stars so this shouldn't be a problem.

100% Bull 25
Hit 3 bullseyes in a row

Near the end of the first level you will first come across a Golden bullet but there are only two targets so it is not possible on this level. It is first possible on level 2 (Water train). Although on level 3 there is a much better spot with 4 targets and a closer checkpoint if you mess up. To hit the Bullseye you just need to guide the bullet to the center of the target which can be quite annoying but you should get the hang of it after a couple of tries.

If you miss getting a bullseye you can purposely miss any subsequent target and you will be reset right at the Golden Bullet spawn point and can try again immediately. So say you hit bullseye #1, and then miss bullseye #2 just steer the bullet to COMPLETELY miss the third target and you can retry without having to do any backtracking.(Credit to Scrapdaddy for this info)

I Shot the Sheriff 15
Defeat 6 zombies with one golf shot

Near the end of level 7 (Zombie Invasion) you will have to hit golf balls at zombies that are in a grave yard. To kill 6 zombies with one golf ball I would recommend that you wait a couple of seconds for all of them to spawn and then hit the golf ball with about 1/2 power and aim for the massive cluster of zombies at the back of the grave yard. This isn't hard to do at all because the explosion of the golf ball is massive and you can control where the golf ball goes after you have hit it.

Bull's Eye! 10
Hit a bullseye in Golden Bullet mode for the first time

Refer to the 100% Bull achievement for more information.

Meep! Meep! 30
Ride a roadrunner for an entire level without dying

When you start level 2 (Water Train) you are riding on a roadrunner just make sure you don't die and this will unlock. This is very easy to do even on hard and there is another spot where you can get this later on if you mess it up. If you are having a hard time getting this just replay the level after you have finished the game and lower the difficulty.

Clay Pigeon 15
Launch an enemy with an uppercut then shoot him three times

Hold and press to perform an uppercut. Uppercut an enemy and then rapidly press to shoot him while he's in the air. Not very difficult but it may take you one or two attempts.

Good Air Day 10
Launch 10 enemies off the train in Water Train

This is obtainable on level 2 (Water Train) after you finish riding the road runner. Hold and press to perform an uppercut. Just aim your uppercuts so that the enemy will go flying off the side of the train. There are more than enough enemies to do this on so don't worry.

Demolitions 15
Lure a Jumper to land on a shotgun shell

This is first obtainable on Level 3 (The Forbidden Mine) at the very end of this level these enemies will first appear. They aim their jump so that they land on where you were last standing before they jumped. Just make sure you are standing near a shotgun shell before they start to jump and then they should land near it and make it explode which unlocks this achievement. The shells are the big red dynamite looking things stood up in the open. The Jumper doesn't have to die from the explosion for this to unlock.

Sting Like a Bee 10
Defeat 100 enemies with melee attacks

This is a pretty simple one as well just melee as many enemies as you can and this will unlock shortly. Since you get more Sheriff stars for killing enemies with melee attacks this should be your main way of killing enemies anyway.

Tank Buster 30
Defeat a huge charging rabbit using only melee attacks, without taking any damage from him

You meet the first charging rabbit on level 3 (The Forbidden Mine). All you have to do is roll () out of the way to dodge it's charge. After you have dodged it's charge, melee it for a few seconds until it stops being dizzy and then dodge it's charge again and repeat. You have to kill it by doing melee attacks, shooting it will void this achievement. If you get hurt by it or shoot it by accident purposely kill yourself to retry it. There is more than one charging rabbit so don't despair if you mess up on your first try.

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