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Spread the Love 15
Acquire the Spreadshot and take out 10 enemies with it

Refer to the A Tommy Gun! achievement for more information.

McClane Worthy 10
Escape the exploding train in Water Train

*Story related and cannot be missed*

Midway through level 2 (Water Train) a fire/explosion will start behind you and you will be forced to run away from it. After you have run away from it you will drop down back into the train compartment and this will unlock.

This is Bat Country! 30
Ride a bat for an entire level without dying

At the end of level 7 (Zombie Invasion) you will fly on a bat for the first time. This is a little bit harder than getting the achievement Meep! Meep! Meep! but not by much. Ignore the majority of the Sheriff Stars because they could get you hurt if you go for them. Kill flying enemies as soon as they are visible because they give you items that replenish your health. This shouldn't really be a problem if you focus on what's in front of you. If you are having a hard time getting this replay the level after you have finished the game and lower the difficulty.

Rock and Roll Cowboy 10
Survive the crumbling canyon in The Return of Rattlesnake Jake

*Story related and cannot be missed*

Near the end of level 6 just before the boss fight you have to run for dear life because the floor is breaking underneath you. You have to keep running straight until Rango jumps off on to a safe ledge. I recommend you keep rolling by pressing () constantly.

I Got a Present For Ya! 15
Acquire the Launcher and take out 10 enemies with it

Refer to the A Tommy Gun! achievement for more information.

A Tommy Gun! 15
Acquire the Blaster and take out 10 enemies with it

During certain fights there will be a Jack-in-the-box box which contains one of the three power ups (Launcher,Tommy Gun, and the Spreadshot). You will randomly get one of these weapons from the box for a short period of time. Melee () the box to activate it. All you have to do is kill 10 enemies with the weapon in the alloted time for the respective achievement to unlock. To make it easier purchase the upgrades to make the timer last longer. Holding down the instead of tapping it may make this achievement easier especially for the Tommy Gun.

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