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I felt like... Holy sh!t wtf just happend.... Is that b!tch ded.... then the credits... then wtf.... then, when the hell does revalations come out...

I personally think they are just pushing these other games to fill up the story and also wait to make AC3 in 2012... I've thought that since the first one, I'm glad they made these instead of having to wait 2 years for each. But I really like the story and I can't wait.

I wasn't too surprised about the Lucy thing, BC to tell you the truth I thought she was gonna like set them up or something... After the emails and what they said about getting the ani info from abstergo. I had a feeling something would happen, just not that. Thought she was gonna F them over.

But for serious... any speculation on what that shit during the credits means... what do you think that was about?
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