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Originally Posted by The Morfiend View Post
I'm currently on 37/40 and have been going back and forth between arson, vice etc in free roam and cannot find the last three.

According to the guide I need Bad Date in Vice but it has never appeared. Every time I load Vice I get a call to go to what is Camera Obscura but when I just checked all the names to see which were left Camera Obscura is called Corner Fountain and Cole.

Any ideas? I'm stumped.
Don't take the call, ones you haven't done are in Red on the map (they don't have a name, they just say street crime location), check the map and mark the ones you haven't done (when they are available) then have your partner drive you there. Don't just cruise around or this will take much longer than necessary.

You'll have to kill some time as that particular one is late at night, best way is to load the free roam then have your partner drive you across the map (Central to Hollywood and back until its night time or until you see a new street crime).
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