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Originally Posted by sardonixs View Post
Defiantly the best Monaco race I have seen for a very long time, just a shame that it ended as it did, if it had carried on i think it would of been luck of the draw who won out of the top three.

Lewis's new managers need to get hold of him and tell him that drivers who alienate other drivers and make unnecessary comments that cause negative publicity for their teams, will soon find themselves falling down pecking order of the top teams.
Im not sure that is the case. If the teams care about winning they'll employ a driver who can win, not a straw man who can please share holders.

Anyway, it is more that the world needs to get a grip and stop being so desperate to be politically correct all the time. He made a comment that was OBVIOUSLY a joke, yet the BBC responded by going, 'Oh were sorry, im sure he didnt mean it, sorry, sorry, sorry.' They acted like they had something that needed to be apolagised for. It really frustrates me how it seems im the only one in the world who knows what racism actually is. It requires hatred, somthing that was clearly not present in Lewis's interview, he laughed and made reference to Ali G for gods sake! Seriously, who cares.
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