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Im at 93 of 93 and missing The Cadillac Series 50, and the Cadillac Limosine, I've checked during the black caesar lot in that case other cases and free roam as well as other parking lots in the area including the one suggested on LaBrea and Harrison. please help

The tow truck however I found roaming around the southeast part of the city, I see a lot of them, dunno if that helps any

Update: I found the limo, right where it should have been across from the Black Caesar, reloading from the main menu, I dunno must be some luck involved

Update 2: somehow the limo didn't count have to find it again. BOO, this damn car achieve finally got it again still missing 1.

Update 3: got it finally. For any that have cases, I went into the vehicle showroom, hit x on the missing car and they either drove by or were parked as described in the guide. I really dont know if this made a difference, but I saw the suggestion on another thread and thought I would pass it along. (He suggested homicide free roam) Good luck
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