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Originally Posted by SweetBlackMagic View Post
I need the Chevy Van (civilian) and the Plymouth Special Deluxe Six. I have been all over the suggested sites for the latter (Wilshire, South of Union Station, "Upon Reflection" replay (both the East and West lots), etc. NOTHING.
FINALLY! Update on the Chevy Service Van...tried the method described here:

"Ok, guys, I've read on one of the other forums about a neat trick of getting your missing cars to spawn nearby.
First, from the menu enter Extras-> Vehicle Showdown and locate the missing car you want to find. Then press X.
After that go to Cases-> Homicide-> Free Roam
The desired car will either drive past you or be on the parking lot across the street"

While it didn't work exactly as described, it WAS in a parking lot a few blocks down. Again, it looked MUCH different than what I could gather from the YouTube vids (more like a regular car than a service van), so I guess the moral of the story is just get into ANYTHING that is close to what you're looking for.

Good Luck!
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