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Originally Posted by MASS DOMINATION View Post
Whats with Kinect making a sequel to a game exclusive to its system? The first required only a 360 and now we need a kinect as well? I'm fine with Kinect as long as it doesn't affect me but now it has made a game unavailable to most 360 owners unless they have/had an extra $150 to spend. I understand new IP's being Kinect only but sequels to games that originally only needed the 360 should not turn Kinect exclusive. Why the heck can't this game work with both Kinect and a controller? I doubt anyone is going to use this game as a reason to buy Kinect so I really don't so the point of it being exclusive to it.
Agreed. The reason only that number one wasnt kinect, number two should also be able to play with a controller.
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