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Originally Posted by Boostme View Post
any tips on getting the 4 billion achievement? im using Follett and my high score was 3.3 bill. should i wait until the blue homing missiles turn red before "lock shoting" or should i press X when theres a ton of em?
This is what I've gathered from my time with the game and watching replays. My current high score is around 6.3 billion in score attack, so I'm no pro, but I hope this helps others.

Blue suicide bullets
: To score high, you must first have the +value counter at 10,000 in power-up mode, as the guide says. Then, you must collect a number of the blue homing suicide bullets on the screen, and wait until their "tail", or the long line after them, turns red. (This happens only when the +value is 10,000 - do not confuse with the bullet itself getting a red "aura" and disappearing.)

When you have lots of red-tailed suicide bullets on the screen, use the lock shot to cancel them to a massive amount of rings (and points).

You should do around 4 to 5 kill-enemies-cancel-blue-suicide-bullets cycles during one power-up, depending on the circumstances (dying is always worse than cancelling early).

Yellow homing suicide bullets: If the lock shot is done when there's a lot of smaller enemies on the screen, there is another opportunity for scoring: keep the lock shot button held down, and the shot enemies spawn yellow, homing, faster suicide bullets. Let go of the lock shot button to cancel them to more rings.

Recharging: Do the second to last power-up when your counter is around 200. Then you should have a healthy number of suicide bullets for the last cancel: do this when your counter is about 20. You will still get the rings, but not points; instead, your counter should be back at 1,000 and the +value at at least 2,000, and you're soon ready for another power-up.

There are some more finer nuances as well, but these are the basic techniques.
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