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Originally Posted by TAI JASON View Post
I got another problem: How the hell i get platinum? I play the first stage and i:

- donīt die
- donīt miss an enemy
- donīt use bombs
- donīt miss a special
- rip off all bosses/all parts

?!? WTF ?!? How the hell i get the achivements?
I watched the top replay and used the advice posted by A47A47 for the platinum. I only have it for stage one so far. The multiplier has been the tricky part for me.

(1) You miss 1 or less times.
(2) you get a certain number of bonuses.
(3) You miss 0 times and soul-gauge (multiplier-gauge) attains certain level.

To earn a silver medal, you need to meet (1).
To earn a gold medal, you need to meet (1) and (2).
To earn a platinum medal, you need to meet (1), (2) and (3).

Required bonuses: 8 of 10
Required multiplier: x30

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