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Originally Posted by BTips1 View Post

It's 10 AM on Day 2 and I'm up 26,100+ kills.

According to the long hour list a couple pages back, I'm behind 2k so either that list is hopefully just a rough estimation of kills or I'm screwed.
Day 1 - 7pm - 10000 kills
Day 2 - 7am - 22000 kills
Day 2 - 7pm - 34000 kills
Day 3 - 7am - 46000 kills
Day 3 - 7pm - 58000 kills
Day 4 - 7am - 70000 kills
Day 4 - 10am - Game over

According to this, you're on track, mate. Ahead by 1k kills, in fact. I'm ahead by 2k but I'm still before 7am so I'll see if I can get an extra 2.5-3k kills before then. I'm worried about failing but I'm ahead of the estimated schedule myself. =p

Edit: 26.5k kills, 7am. I think I'm ahead of schedule still. xD

Edit #2: Google, thanks for the reply. As I just said, I'm ahead as it is, but I'm still a little bit worried about failure... Don't like putting in a lot of time to fail.

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