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Bobble Head Achievement Guide and Road Map

Difficutly to 50/50: 1/10
Approximate Time to 50/50: 1 hour
Glitched Achievements: None
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Extra Equipment Needed: Kinect

Welcome to the exciting world of Kinect Fun Labs where you can download gadgets that all have 8 achievements and 50 gamerscore a piece. You can download this gadget for free along with three others that are already released and there are more to come. Bobble head is a simple game where you can turn yourself into a bobble head and even add costumes if you like. Let's begin!

Step 1. Creating 25 Bobble heads. On this step you main objective will be creating 25 bobble heads, however along the way you will need to quickly snag a few achievements. We you select the option to create a bobble head it will give you three more choices male, female, and costume. Select Costume. This will let you choose a costume which are easier and quicker to make compared to the starting from scratch options of male and female. Be sure when creating your 25 bobble heads to use all 12 of the costumes to unlock an achievement. Achievements you will unlock in this step:
Bobble Head Pro, Costume Party, Dress it up, and I see you.

Step 2. Sharing. After creating you bobble heads go to the option share instead of create. Then select photo, and share the photos you have 13 times.Note. It can be the same photo 13 times over and over again. In this step you will unlock these achievements:
Baker's Dozen, Its All In Your Head, and Look Ma' Im a Bobble.

Step 3. Mop Up. If you followed the above steps there is only one achievement that you could have missed and that is to trigger a bobble head to speak, please refer to the achievement guide.

Conclusion. All in all the Bobble Head gadget is incredibly easy to obtain all achievements in and just takes a little of your time. You have now obtained all 50 gamerscore.

Bobble Head Pro 10

Created 25 unique Bobbles

Simple create 25 bobble heads, use costumes to speed up the process.

Costume Party 5

Created a Bobble with every costume

Enter the bobble head creator and select costume instead of the other two options: male and female.

Dress It Up 5

Created a Bobble with a costume

refer to Costume Party.

Baker's Dozen 10

Shared 13 times

After creating a bobble head you can go to share and share a photo or video. Photos are faster to share so I suggest you do that instead of wasting extra time. Note. You can share the same photo 13 times and the achievement will still unlock.

It's All in Your Head 5

Shared with your friends

When you share select the yes option twice to share with friends and kinect share online.

Look Ma, I'm a Bobble 5

Shared with

refer to Its all in your head.

I See You! 5

Completed Player Scan

Unavoidable, you have to get this achievement to create a bobble head.

Message in a Bobble 5

Hit a Bobble and triggered a voice

After creating a bobble head and recording a voice, do NOT hit keep or start over, simply guide your hand over the bobble head and his head will shake and replay the message, thus unlocking your achievement.
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