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Roadmap and Achievement guide for Homefront

Good Use of Cover 10
Destroy the first sentry without taking any damage in Chapter 2: Freedom

Very early into Chapter 2, you will notice a large tower with a blue beam of light coming from it and circling. This is a sentry tower. You have to move from cover to cover (I found the left side easier) and toss a frag grenade at the fuel tank behind it.

You can use Mission Select - Scout the Sentry to do this quicker.

Mercy 10
Kill 5 enemies while they are on fire in Chapter 3: Fire Sale

While you are overlooking the parking lot, the truck will explode and catch several KPA on fire. Simply take aim, and kill them with the sniper (it's a one shot kill). There is one guy directly in front of you and 5-6 to your right behind the sandbags. If you do not get this in one go, simply restart checkpoint and repeat. This is a running total and does not need to be done in one try.

Let 'em Burn 10[/B]
Don't kill any of the enemies that are on fire in Chapter 3: Fire Sale

Just do the complete opposite from the achievement 'Mercy' and do not kill any of the KPA guys on fire. The achievement will pop right after you hear Connor ask "Who the hell is shooting?".

Chronicler 10
Find the first of 61 news pickups

See Historian

Stairway to Heaven 10
From the front door of the church, make it to the crow’s nest in 240 seconds in Chapter 5: Heartland

I got this without trying to go for it, so it’s pretty easy. The main guy that causes problems is the guy who sneaks out and shoots you from behind the boarded door right in front of you as you first walk up.

The rest of the enemies that pop out are pretty simply to kill and are in clear sight as you work your way up the crows nest. Get to the top and kill the last guy and the achievement is yours.

[/URL]Speed Demon 10
Hijack the tankers in less than 8 minutes in one life in Chapter 6: Overwatch

You'll first have to make it to the takers by flying the helicopter and taking out a few enemies along the way. Once you get to the tankers, there are 3 you'll have to hijack. Get close enough to the door so your partners are close enough, then when prompted press to make them jump across onto the tanker. Do this two more times and the achievement is yours. This must be done without dying.

Use Mission Select: Chase for this achievement

Safer Skies 10
Destroy all the SAM trucks in the level in Chapter 6: Overwatch

There are seven SAM trucks in the level; they do not appear until after hijacking the tankers. Destroy them and the achievement is yours. To make this easier press the stick down to go into thermal vision.

There are 3 trucks on the first road after hijacking the tankers, one is in the city on the roof that Connor tells you to take out and the final 3 are in the harbor at the end of the mission, two on the left and one on the right. This can be done on easy.

Golden Gate 10
Complete chapter 7 in the Single Player Campaign

Simply complete the seventh mission. This can be done on any difficulty.

Golden Gate - Guerrilla 25
Complete chapter 7 on the Hardest Difficulty in the Single Player Campaign

For this you must complete the seventh chapter on Guerrilla difficulty. Do not rush into battle, make use of cover and your AI partners.

Iron Man - Golden Gate 25

Complete chapter 7 in the Single Player Campaign without dying or restarting a checkpoint

This can be done on any difficulty, so I recommend trying for it on easy. Take your time; watch out for frag grenades and RPG's as these are instant kills. Take cover to allow your health to come back which only takes 3-4 seconds for it to restore. AI once again comes in handy for this as well. Quitting to dashboard has been confirmed to not to work, as does starting from the final checkpoint in a level. It must be done start to finish.

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