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Originally Posted by Purified666 View Post
i kinda have a quistion, does the full game dead rising 2 (so not the dlc's) have the same time 'presure" in it, coz i kinda dont like being under time (the shots for the daughter etc..)? i like the game, it was fun, but just dont like the being under a time pressure -> wanne roam free in the world

Grtz Purified666
Yes, all Dead Rising games are a race against the clock, a thing that bothers me too, in all honesty. Luckily the game doesnt force you to rush the whole time (unless youre trying to do every achievement at once or something) so its not too bad. But, Id like the games more if theyd just cut the time limit.

You could free roam, gather some pp and achs and afterwards save and restart the game so you can keep your level etc if you really want, ofcourse.
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