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Your game didn't mess up. That save house goes away after the mission where the commander gets killed because that safe house gets ambushed

however I am also stuck on 103/104 i need the Jenkins interception mission but cannot for the life of me get it to come up

Originally Posted by Blue n Gold Eel View Post
Im also stuck at 103/104, i have done every convoy twice so i know its not them but they are the only radio missions i get, i have not got any interceptor or assault missions.

I did notice that on the map of the badlands there was 2 safehouses, but in my game there is only 1, now the one thats not there for me is the one thats in the NE corner near that intercepter mission, which i don't recall doing, but it just wont pop up for me. Does everyone have 2 safehouses in the badlands or just 1 like me, cause if everyone has 2 then i guess my games stuffed & i will have to start again.
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