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Gal*Gun - Guide + Tips (WiP)

I suppose since there wasn't much for a guide on here I'll try to piece together something during my play-throughs.

Please be aware that this is a work in progress, if anyone finds any errors, incorrect information or has any tips or anything useful please post! Also all information given has only been confirmed by me, so once again if you use this guide and it works for you please confirm, if you did something different and still got the achievement please post to let me know so I can update it.

Achievement Translation by A47A47
X360A Achievements - Google Translated
Japanese Wiki - Google Translated - Posted by A47A47
Japanese Achievement list "Guide" - Google Translated Posted by A47A47

Game Instructions - Controls & Tips:
- Shoot pheromones
- Dokidoki mode/Bomb
- Zoom
- Fake Screen

Dokidoki Mode:
- Shoot
- Target/Zoom in - The longer you hold it down the faster each shot will fill up the "Love"/Dokidoki meter. Be careful not to hold it down for too long or else the girl will block your shot.
- Once the meter is full pressing will leave Dokidoki mode and instantly defeat any surrounding girls on the screen.

- Speed up text
- Resume normal text speed

End Stage Menu
- Save and Exit to menu
- Replay level
- Save and Continue
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