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Originally Posted by PF2K View Post
stuck at 870 for a YEAR now...
Lets have a looky -
You have all 8 firefights not done, go get 4ppl and do them, they happen every other day if you watch firefight thread\achiment thread and most of ODST forum, if you wanted these you would of completed.

Deja Vu - doable but can take a week to get a team for it then just time.
Endure - this is 20% lucky for the simple reason you need no major lag/ disconnects on 4player fightfight.

So yea missing 8 achi that ppl do everyday and one that takes 2 weeks tops to get grp for over a year?
Thats not called being stuck that not putting in effort lol

I need the 2 vids and some firefights so add me and ill group up, been on last wave for endure twice now

Also look here for additional help from other people.

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