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Originally Posted by nicidee View Post
How do you fix the glitch with Mystic Emporium being permanently (or sporadically) closed? At first I wasn't sure I even had the glitch - sometimes the shop would be open and sometimes it wouldn't. But ever since I visited Frostcrag Spire for the first time, I've been trying to buy stuff for it and the shop's been closed every time.

I've heard that you can break in (pick the lock), pickpocket the key off of one of the shopkeeps... I'm just looking for the simplest way to fix this so that I can have easy access to the shop to buy my upgrades. Thanks!
There's numerous reasons this bug occurs, but most commonly due to installation of the Fighter's Stronghold.

There's a few workarounds.
1. Put up with having to unlock the door every time you wish to enter (between 8am and 8pm is not considered trespassing).

2. Unlock the door (enter) then unlock the door to the private quarters. This usually solves the problem.

...and if option 2 doesn't work and you don't want to put up with 1;
This work around assumes:
  • The Fighter's Stronghold official plug-in is installed on a hard drive.
  • You have a removable memory unit available.
  • You know how to move files on the Xbox 360.
  • You have not done anything with the Fighter's Stronghold quests or area.
Do the following steps:
  1. Move the Fighter's Stronghold official plug-in file to a memory unit.
  2. Remove the memory unit.
  3. Start the game. You may get a message about content not being availible. Ignore it.
  4. If your character is in the Imperial City's Market District, move your character to another area.
  5. Wait 73 games hours.
  6. Travel to Mystic Emporium so that your character is there between 8 am and 8 pm game time.
  7. Enter the Mystic Emporium. The door should be unlocked now.
  8. Go upstairs to the private quarters.
  9. Unlock the private quarter doors. This lock may be leveled. My character was at level 1 and the lock was Very Easy.
  10. Exit the private quarters.
  11. Exit the Mystic Emporium.
  12. Save your game. Exiting the Mystic Emporium may do an auto-save.
  13. Quit the game.
  14. Insert the memory unit.
  15. Move the Fighter's Stronghold official plug-in file to the hard drive.
  16. Restart the game.
When you restart the game you will get the first Fighter's Stronghold quest message.
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