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Originally Posted by JohnnyR74 View Post
This is how I got this achievement not 5 minutes ago:

The Phantom Corsair is worth 24,000 and the Deusenberg Walker Coupe is worth 25,000..
I was bouncing back and forth between these two (fast traveling), destroyed them 4 times each (engine fire, partner hops out), assumed that was good enough so I went and finished the case. I ended with about 41,000. So I re-loaded my last checkpoint.

New strat. The Walker Coupe is a POS and a gawdamn pain to drive so I went straight for the Phantom. Those bastards get up to speed real quick and get the job done. I destroyed it within 5 blocks and fast traveled back (they re-spawn surprisingly) and repeated 2 more times. 3 destroyed Phantoms gave me $19,000 and bumped my total to $60k for that cheev.

Thanks for the tips. Definitely beats destroying 50 cars.
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