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I love how you've all managed to loosen the grips over your rage towards the achievement issues so much that you've let it spill in to this thread.

And I'm quite shocked, and disappointed with most of the thoughts people have had with this DLC. Near every one seems to have been off put by the difficulty scale of the DLC. Well, this DLC was officially the end of the game: of COURSE it was going to be difficult.

I thought this was a great conclude to the story of Castlevania: LOS. The atmosphere was great. The majority of this DLC had some very well thought out scenes which were so much more entertaining than just a level filled with button bashing battle sequences against hordes of minions. Towards the end of the original game, I was getting quite sick of that. This was filled with innovative, challenging, platforming adrenaline-pumping sequences such as scaling a collapsing wall in chase of The Forgotten One, to running from rising Lava-I particularly loved the event where we had to move around the pillar to hide from him.

All of this I loved, and the final battle was so up my street. I really liked how challenging it war, and how hectic it was. It constantly had you on your feet at all times. I can admit though, making him so difficulty wasn't a great decision for a 'must-beat' boss, as I do believe a lot of unskilled players may no have been able to beat him. And that ending sequence as Gabriel was running to grab The Forgotten one's power to the last 2 minutes of the Final Confrontation was great.

I'll admit, it was NOT lengthy enough to be worth it's price, but I still felt that this DLC was not 'a disaster' or how ever over dramatically you guys criticized it. And, I do get the awful feeling that most of your bitterness came from the fact that the achievements had glitched and I'm ashamed in you for that. It's something no one cares to think about: But achievements are not real, gamer score isn't real and it's all pixels and coding. I know and live by how fun it is to get-but if you're all valuing it to the point where you're slandering the actual games, then you're valuing it to high/YOU'RE DOING IT THE FUCK WRONG!.
Ahh, what the hell. Everyone else seems to do this so, why not? Games I've 100%'d.
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